Study Centre for Strategic Communication

The Study Centre (Centro Studi) is a non-profit organization with the aim to first research then operate on neuroscientific evidence involved in the communication process, in order to make relationships stronger.

Led by MD Laura Mondino, the Study Centre gathers experience and expertise of several professionals from both the academic and the business world.

The three main fields of intervention are business, healthcare and education. 

The Study Centre operates alongside the Strategic Communication Academy, a company of professionals that offers training and consulting to big organizations that want to develop Strategic Communication with their customers. Supporting the activity of the Study Centre and the Academy, there is the Strategic Communication Magazine, aimed at spreading a new culture on subjects related to soft skills, and ACS Editore, the first publishing house entirely dedicated to the publications of works on Strategic Communication.

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Through its activities, the Study Centre carries out an ongoing neuroscientific study of the cognitive processes and biases involved in communication.
Using neuroscientific evidence, the Study Centre promotes methodological approaches aimed at mitigating the effect of biases as well as using them proactively where the context is favourable.