Residual Biases

This family of biases includes those that are not categorizable or related to each other.


Propension to attribute human traits and characteristics to objects, animals and thoughts.

Mental Accounting

In economics, it’s the tendency to base our decision on an irrational system of mental accounting, that gives value on a relative basis.

Weber-Fechner Law

This law describes the error that generates from the difference of an actual physical change and the perception of said change from the subject.

Money Illusion

In economics, it’s the tendency to count wealth and prices without considering the inflation rates.


It’s the tendency to think that negative events are bound to happen, and the situation will worsen over time.

Unit Bias

It’s the propension to complete an entire section of an activity or a product.

Naive Allocations

In economics, it’s the tendency to divide our own investments in an equal way in several options, without a rational calculation.

Forer Effect

It’s the tendency to believe that a certain psychological profile corresponds to our own, after said profile has been presented and described to us.